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The Myth of Time Management



Ok, let’s face it, I’ve never been able to manage my time and believe me when I say I’ve tried almost every possible way to help increase my productivity, but I just couldn’t.

Today I came across an article explaining how trying to manage your time would end up just wasting more time instead of getting real work done. I kind of agree with the writer and he was somehow able to provide some steps to actually work effectively and I think it deserves a try. Mainly, he focused on creating detailed ToDo lists which I never tried to do – my ToDo lists have never been detailed … ever. Actually, it looked more like your mom asking you to go get the groceries, without even mentioning what she really needs.

You can read the full article here: Time Management is a Myth, Work Effectively Instead and feel free to join me with your thoughts on how could you really manage your time in the comments below.


3 comments on “The Myth of Time Management

  1. Tarek Nasr

    Tarek Nasr

    Nice post ya arafah! Short and to the point plus the argument you make is interesting

  2. Shalaby

    Teslam 2eedak el yemein yabnel balad! I’ve always had complicated relationships with time management tools, and it just never works out for me.

    I think the best way to manage your time in a chaotic town like Cairo is to embrace it, and accept the fact that you’ll never get a grip on it. Just let yourself go, and try to do whatever you can, and enjoy the ride. Stressing the fuck out just to scratch off some random notes on some paper across some platform somewhere is just not worth it 🙂

    Shit! Just remembered I have to finishing something off tonight!…

  3. Saytara

    Lovely post ya Arafah & thanks for sharing the article.

    The tip I liked the most is “Stop Trying To Find The Perfect Fix”; personally I agree with him to a great extent that productivity comes from actually doing stuff, not preparing or planning to do stuff, or as Shalaby puts it “Just let yourself go, and try to do whatever you can, and enjoy the ride”…After all stressing yourself out won’t do you or your to-do list any good.

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