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The Lunchbox film review: Sweet aroma

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I had heard about The Lunchbox – it came highly recommended by the one and only Mayouie – and how it’s based in vibrant Mumbai, how it revolves around the dear Indian cuisine that plays on smell and taste as carriers of emotions, and how it boasts trains transporting dabbawallas and lunchboxes. That was enough to get me hooked before getting started.
Sure enough, …

Beyond past time


And we’re back! After two months without this “column”, we’re ready to move the clock forward.
It’s fascinating how time works; it’s an almost paradoxical concept, an invention of something that doesn’t exist, but at the same time is inevitable. Would you be able to explain to someone what time is, or how it works? I know too much time has passed and that I’m late …

The Myth of Time Management


Ok, let’s face it, I’ve never been able to manage my time and believe me when I say I’ve tried almost every possible way to help increase my productivity, but I just couldn’t.
Today I came across an article explaining how trying to manage your time would end up just wasting more time instead of getting real work done. I kind of agree with the writer …

Student Syndrome

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“A stitch in time saves nine”
The first time I came across this proverb I wondered ‘nine what? And why nine, not more or less? Actually, one of the reasons why I find proverbs interesting is that, although sometimes you cannot know the full story behind the wording, you can still understand the meaning clearly like this one, which simply means don’t procrastinate! Or in other …