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The Dream Lives On


They can never take away the time we spent in the square, shouting at the top of our lungs because for the first time we felt this country was ours and our voices mattered.
They can never take away the memories of camaraderie, hope, fear and power we felt as we took the street day after day after day attempting to bring to fruition our …

Sayed wants his money

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Sayed’s 39. He never really had big plans for turning 40, but then again, there were very few surprises in how his life developed. His wife Mona works in the nearby public school teaching math, and more importantly, invests her exclusive love (and cooking skills) in the young boy and girl who mean the world to both Sayed and herself.
To get to the rice factory …

Marxism at work


A few weeks ago, I locked in the guys at ThePlanet to give them a presentation titled What the fuck is Marxism ya Shalaby?
It dragged for three hours with lots of interruptions provoking discussions, but I managed to put together a summary keeping it at 50 minutes:

One of the concepts that I failed in explaining to the guys at the presentation was that of exploitation. …