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Sex in Egyptian Society


The information super highway gifts us with some beautiful, engaging content, as it does, in the form of a 15-minute YouTube video. “Libido” is a skit that openly talks about closed doors, and questions what’s been granted unanswered.

Regardless of the values and norms, sex is a crucial topic that should at least be talked about, debated, and – God forbid – practiced. In Egypt, we’ve taken such a strong stance against sex as a concept over the years, to the extent of frowning upon the slightest mention of it, even when within perfectly legal and socially acceptable grounds.

And the implications are massive: From sexual harassment, to public-but-secret display of affection, sexual repression and deprivation, marriage issues and divorces, and beyond; avoiding the talk can only be counterproductive.  While “Libido” does not take the role of the teacher, and hence side-stepping the common spoon-feeding trap Egyptians filmmakers tend to fall for, it does in fact bring the issues to the table, and make a basic connection between the various topics, encouraging debate.

There’s always risk involved, of course, but it’s much more so for the female participants, of obvious reasons (read: There’s no sexism in Egypt). Perhaps a veiled young lady would’ve added more depth to the perspective, but this is a ‘short’, so we’ll let it slide.

Revolutions happen when avant-gardists explore new territory, or take a bigger step in a direction society is hesitant to recognize. “Libido” is not the first film to deal with sex like a non-controversial subject, but it’s definitely a good push, a catalyst to speed up the process of solving core issues deep within a society longing for change. And just like you cannot have freedom without social justice, there can be no happiness without sex.

7 comments on “Sex in Egyptian Society

  1. Warman


    I’m kind of disappointed you didn’t ask me to share this alongside the documentary since it tackles the topic similarly only in narrative form

    • Shalaby

      I totally remembered your short film in “Libido” when they showed the scene of the kid doing “the secret habit”, yours was like a zoom in on this particular aspect of the young man’s sex life (or lack of it), with an added twist of religious practice. The similarities are crazy!

      Thanks for sharing yabnel balad.

  2. Ali Hadidy

    I don’t really know whether I’m missing something or if the point is “it’s ok to have sex to feed your needs and “libido” completely regardless of what your religion demands” so if I’m missing the point then this is pointless, if that IS the point of the video then no offense to all the people who apparently worked hard on making such a funny video which i enjoyed a lot but again, it’s pointless since you totally missed the religion side of the point!

    • Shalaby

      Maybe religion shouldn’t be part of the equation? Maybe it’s a decision that is made on a personal level, and everyone can freely interpret religion’s stance on the subject, and whether or not it’s worth sticking to it.

      And even if religion is such a hurdle, isn’t that more of a reason to talk about it? And if you were to make a conscious decision of abstaining, shouldn’t that be kept to yourself, and completely away from your potentially judged counterparts who’ve chosen otherwise?

      Not to mention that there isn’t a particular ‘moral’ to the story, I’d argue, and that’s part of its charm. We’re not bound to the same conclusion, and you have every right to see this video as a motivation to tie the knot sooner, if you please. Although I’d personally recommend you put the mainstream religious interpretations on the back burner, and just let yourself go – you might enjoy it 🙂

  3. Kareem

    شكر لكل حد شارك في العمل ده
    بس في عده تحفوظات
    اولا: الجنس قبل الجواز غير قانوني في مصر و بيعرض للي بيعمل كده دخول السجن فتره مش قليله
    ثانيا: الفكره ان الجنس قبل الجواز محرم هو الهدف الاساسي الاخلاص لشخص اللي هتجوزه بعد كده
    ف مش هيبقي من السهل عليك او عليها ان الواحد يعمل جنس مع شخص اخر

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