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Marxism at work


A few weeks ago, I locked in the guys at ThePlanet to give them a presentation titled What the fuck is Marxism ya Shalaby?

It dragged for three hours with lots of interruptions provoking discussions, but I managed to put together a summary keeping it at 50 minutes:

One of the concepts that I failed in explaining to the guys at the presentation was that of exploitation. Looking back, I don’t think it’s an easy concept to grasp given the constant messages bombarded in the mainstream, but I also think that we Marxists go about the wrong way in trying to illustrate our point.

So I put together in writing a dialogue between two friends that I think discusses exploitation of labor in laymen terms, while avoiding dry terminology and boring narratives. The point was to make it more enjoyable to read, much closer to home, and engaging enough to get the points across.

Fair’s Fair: Friends, Salaries and Mac & Cheese

Let me know what you think!

2 comments on “Marxism at work

  1. Tarek El-Tabey

    HAHAHAHAHAHA Ya3ni after a 50 min video, gaii t2olly “One of the concepts that I failed in explaining” asly, downloaded the video to watch later 😉

    • Shalaby

      Haha! I tried hard yabnel balad, but yeah, I think I failed with a couple of points, hehe. Having said that, I think the post was a good sequel to try to cover what I had missed in the presentation.

      You’re truly missed yabnel balad! When are you blessing us with your presence at ThePlanet? 🙂

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