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At home in the air?


Ya welad el balad!

I’m currently in mid-air on my flight back to beloved CaiCai from London, courtesy of SCAF-owned EgyptAir, as I’m writing this overdue post.

It’s interesting to delve into the concept of connectivity. Obviously, we live in a world that’s more and more interconnected (advantageously feeding into the theory of the workers’ permanent struggle – but that’s for another time), and it seems like a bit of a double-edged sword whereby you can easily plug into the beautiful web of people and things you care about, but it inevitably implies difficulty in avoiding them.

The fact of the matter is, home is a difficult place to pinpoint. It starts easy when we spend our childhood in the same physical location, surrounded by the similar faces who we’ve witnessed develop alongside us over the years. It’s then solidified when we travel elsewhere and long for it, feeling weakened away from it, and incomplete without it.

But then it gets more complicated, as we spend more and more time away from home, and subconsciously developing our perception of what it’s like – normally romanticizing the experience in hindsight – we begin to deviate from the reality of home. At the same time, our hometowns and neighborhoods are, themselves, going through experiences and reacting one way or another. As a result, the conceptual and mental gap between us and our home start to match the physical distance we’ve failed to overcome. And when we go back home, it hits us hard. This is not what we had in mind – have we been longing for a place that doesn’t really exist?

Eventually, we get over this. We take home to the next level, beyond a physical location, more intimate than acquaintances, more valuable than materials, and more sophisticated than linguistic labels.

Which raises an intriguing point; maybe we’re at home on the move? Maybe being able to connect online and write this post hundreds of meters into the air, flying over Tirana, Albania (ironically close to the cities of Ohrid and Skopje that I visited in Macedonia on this trip), is an indication that I find myself at home when I’m on the move? A bit of a cliché, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true.

Some people say home is where your bed is, others argue that home is where your wifi connects automatically. I can say that home is where your salaries have been transferred to 🙂

Now be adventurous, and splash your cash in search for home, and let us know if and when you find it.

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