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The Dream Lives On



They can never take away the time we spent in the square, shouting at the top of our lungs because for the first time we felt this country was ours and our voices mattered.

They can never take away the memories of camaraderie, hope, fear and power we felt as we took the street day after day after day attempting to bring to fruition our vision for what Egypt should be like.

They can never take away how much I’ve grown as a person since #Jan25, the knowledge I’ve accumulated and the understanding I now have of how the world works and what I aspire for my role to be in it.

They can never take away the memories of the look of fear the police had for 2+ years when dealing with Egyptian citizens.

They can never take away the torching of the NDP building that still stands as a reminder of the power of the people when they stand united.

They can never take away the memories of fighting for Nile University’s right to exist. I am reminded of our victory every time I drive into 6th of October and look at their beautiful building with their sign on the front while “Zewail City” is written on a crooked sign in a near by desert wasteland.

They can never take away the friends I’ve made for life including Ziad Aly, Sultan Al Qassemi, Fatemah Farrag, Perihan Abouzeid, Muhammad Mansour, HA Hellyer, Sima Diab, Muhammad Radwan, Dahshan, 3arabawy, the late Bassem Sabry, Sandmonkey, Mohammed Abdelhamid and many others. We may have disagreed at times on the method but never the goal.

If I’ve learned anything over the past years I’ve learned that if indeed #Jan25 is a revolution then history tells us this is far from the end.

They can put Mubarak in jail or put him in Sharm but the dream lives on and a sub section of the population, bigger than they would like to admit, and big enough to create change was born on #Jan25 and still lives on

2 comments on “The Dream Lives On

  1. Saytara

    Thanks ya Tarrou2 for reminding us to look on the bright side, it’ll definitely help us to move forward :-))

    • Tarek Nasr

      Tarek Nasr

      Thanks ya saytara for the kind comment, enty gamda fashkh, bas keda 🙂

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