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Dear Amr Salama


Hey Amr

Hope all is tammam

We’ve met a couple of times at different events, you may or may not remember me, either way I’ll make sure we have a long chat next time our paths cross at an event or social gathering.

I’ll preface by saying that I’m a fan and more importantly I’m proud to call you a fellow revolutionary.

That being said I took a bit of exception to a recent tweet you made where you declared that Bassem Youssef’s show is the only thing remaining from the revolution of #Jan25.

This is the type of message the media puts out to discourage us and make us feel like we are in the minority (which we may indeed be but not to the extent they describe) and attempt to stop us from continuing on our path. Furthermore your statement is just plain false.

#Jan25 is alive and kicking all around us, the media has just pushed us to be pre-occupied with nonsense like Sisi’s backdrop at his speech, Amr Adeeb’s nonsensical shouting, Mortada Mansour going nuts and idiots asking Obama to “Shut his Mouse” so we forget all the great things we have achieved so far.

#Jan25 Alive & Kicking

#Jan25 Alive & Kicking

That being said many people have made similar statements so I decided it would be a good idea to share all the things I can remember off the top of my head that to me represent the heart and soul of #Jan25 so that when you or anyone (including myself) start thinking this way we can easily go through the list to see all we have accomplished.

Not all are political in nature or even directly related to #Jan25 but in my opinion they epitomize all we have been and continue to fight for.

There is a long, long way to go but we have come a long way as well. Here goes, the #Jan25 List:

On a personal level #Jan25 has gotten me close to so many great, great people and has been and continues to be a life altering experience.

I’d love to see other people compile lists as well as I’m sure I’ve forgotten so many great initiatives.

The revolution continues and the powers that be can’t stop it no matter how hard they try…. 

2 comments on “Dear Amr Salama

  1. Mahmoud

    * It also confirms how Alaa Abdelfattah is a consistent man of principles
    * It emphasized on the power of the people, a fact, no one can ignore from now on
    * It tought us that the president and the regime is only part of the obstacles, but not a complete victory… we’re fighting a culture

  2. Tarrou2


    Agreed 110% ya mahmoud

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