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Student Syndrome

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“A stitch in time saves nine”
The first time I came across this proverb I wondered ‘nine what? And why nine, not more or less? Actually, one of the reasons why I find proverbs interesting is that, although sometimes you cannot know the full story behind the wording, you can still understand the meaning clearly like this one, which simply means don’t procrastinate! Or in other …

Spartacus’ Last Words – Amal Dunqul


Amal Dunqul is considered one of the most significant (political) poets of modern Arabic literature.
In this poem  which is one of my favourites ,the poet speaks in the voice of the Roman slave Spartacus, who led a failed rebellion against the Roman empire around 70 BC, as he is about to be hanged.
English Translation :

( مزج أوّل ) :
المجد للشيطان .. معبود الرياح
من قال ” …