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The struggle for public space


One of the major indicators for societies with a better standard of living is the level of services provided by their rulers. Obviously, no government will willingly invest in making its citizens happier without a fight, as well as, of course, the means to do it.
Whenever abroad – in Europe – I’m taken away by the availability of public space for the people to use …

Why go for WordPress and not Drupal

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There are numerous posts out there that indulge in the heated debate of whether WordPress or Drupal is the leading open-source Content Management System that you should be using for your website or app. I’m not interested in boring you details, but I’d like to share why I think that, in the overwhelming majority of cases, WordPress wins.
The choice is relative and there’s not …

Revolutionary propaganda


To commemorate our new blog, I thought it was relevant, and rather interesting, to highlight what separates revolutionary messages, from counterrevolutionary rhetoric.
It’s simple, really. As revolutionaries, we see injustice in this world and we want to do something about it (for different reasons). We might not have a solution, but we understand that the problem can only be tackled when we work together. And to …