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The Day My Life Changed Forever

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AbdelMoneim Riyad | Jan25, 2011 (Credit Hossam Hamalawy)
4 Years ago today my struggles to become an entrepreneur were just starting to pay off.
I had been learning on the job for 2-3 years, making a lot of mistakes along the way and going broke in the process. I had (through pure serendipity) found a partner that had a skill set that complemented my own and …

The Dream Lives On


They can never take away the time we spent in the square, shouting at the top of our lungs because for the first time we felt this country was ours and our voices mattered.
They can never take away the memories of camaraderie, hope, fear and power we felt as we took the street day after day after day attempting to bring to fruition our …

The Importance of Specialized Labor Unions in the Fight for Justice

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Since many of our readers are not from North America I will start off by giving you a quick recap of something of importance currently ongoing in the NBA not related to basketball
Donald Sterling Apparently Pregnant with a basketball
A couple of days ago an 80 year old billionare who owns a major NBA team (LA Clippers) was recorded (most probably) by his 20 something …

Dear Amr Salama


Hey Amr
Hope all is tammam
We’ve met a couple of times at different events, you may or may not remember me, either way I’ll make sure we have a long chat next time our paths cross at an event or social gathering.
I’ll preface by saying that I’m a fan and more importantly I’m proud to call you a fellow revolutionary.
That being said I took a bit …

Google acquires ThePlanet for $1 billion

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We are glad to announce that as of May 2014, Google has entered into an agreement to acquire ThePlanet, the Cairo based digital marketing agency, for $1 billion in cash and stock.
The deal comes days after Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus raising the suspicions of why Google is making such a gutsy move.
Analysts are calling it “Google’s comeback.” Google is trying to match Facebook’s recent investments …

Nokia NFC Digital Treasure Hunt | Client Spotlight

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Nokia NFC Phones
A short while ago Nokia came to us looking to do something creative to mark the launch of  a new line of Nokia phones.
One of the main features of the Nokia phone was that it had NFC built in and we were requested to highlight that aspect in particular.
After long sessions of brainstorming we decided to develop something completely out of left …

Navigating through Facebook | Metrics That Matter

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Facebook Analytics; “Its Complicated”
Obviously, for the majority of brands out there, Facebook has long become the pillar platform for communication whereby all others revolve.
For that reason, it’s essential for brands to clearly comprehend the different metrics at stake, as well as which matter and which don’t, and then based on that, determine communication KPIs – or indicators of how well or poorly we’re fairing.
Instead …