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I bought my overly priced fluffy wedding dress, 5k worth of new pjs, and I’m almost ready to zip up my bags and go live in a country that calls an ass Makwa. I’ve always wanted to leave home and embrace a little bit more freedom. But a year ago when I was looking at jobs in Dublin, I had no idea that my ticket out …

How The Garden bar and grill committed social media suicide


Meet The Garden; the new spot for Egypt’s pretentious bourgeoisie to relax with a Corona during the week. This cute little spot in Heliopolis literally promises its visitors that they will be able to finally enjoy Cairo as it was before #Jan25 as put forward by CairoScene:
“You can sort of tell how Egypt is doing on a certain economic level by how many new …

The end justifies the means?!

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Taking a quick glance through history, we can observe that every radical social/political/religious movement ever born had a motto that called out for justice in one way or another. It propagated words of great moral value to any human being and manipulated those values to dress up their crimes. Beneath their most prestigious mottos lay justified every outrageous and extreme act of cruelty committed …