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The oxymoron of life

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     Why do we fear death when it’s the only thing we’re certain is going to happen? Is it the surprise factor that gets to us? Or is it the fact that we can’t see what comes after and we then have to believe in our convictions and uncertainty is mind fucking?!

     I’ve been thinking about death a lot lately. I’ve been also thinking about contradictions, how we …

محمد محمود

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نوڤمبر ٢٠١١.
في حاجات أنا بحاول أمنع نفسي أفكر فيها. بمنع نفسي عشان عارف ان مش بس هتدايق لما أفكر فيها ولا عشان هتعصب.. بس عشان ممكن تخليني أتجنن. محمد محمود كان مدرسة عن مين الظالم ومين المظلوم.. مين اللي هيقف معاك ومين اللي هيبيعك. كان درس في يعني ايه ثورة ويعني ايه تشيل جثث ويعني ايه تروح مشارح ويعني ايه تتصاب بخرطوش ويعني ايه …

When is it time to bail out on a sinking ship?


Where the fuck is Egypt going?
On the day they let Alaa out to see his dad, I posted this photo as my cover photo on facebook. Sultan, my friend had a very emotional reaction to it, like all of us. We skyped for a bit and he told me a sentence that tells a lot about where we’re headed. He said, and I …

The Truman complex

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For of you who don’t know, a couple of weeks ago I moved away. I got a job and moved to Dublin.
Let me talk to you a bit about my background. I was born in Cairo and lived there until I was 7. Like many Egyptians, my dad got a job abroad and the whole family moved to live in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It …

Shorts vs Pants


I’ve always preferred shorts to pants. I’ve rebelled against my parents around mid-school when I decided to go out wearing shorts. For my family, it was always weird not to be dressed “appropriately”, and they were shocked to see me visit a relative in shorts. Since then, and throughout college, we’ve debated the subject repeatedly. “You will not find a job that you can …

Phone manners in a texting world.

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This isn’t one of those posts that tell people to “unplug” or to get off Social Media and virtual connectivity, the exact opposite.
I am one of those people that prefer talking over the phone more than texting. Why? I’ll illustrate on that. But first, I wrote a Facebook status describing my resentment to these days’ “Phone manners” as they hardly exist. Some people took …

لحظة تفاؤل مفاجئة


.قاعد في البيت كافي خيري شرّي، قررت أفتح المزيكا و أسمع حاجة مسمعتهاش بقالي فترة. عديت على الفولدر بتاع الأغاني الثورية، و الحمدلله ان ده حصل
لأول مرة من فترة احس باحساس انبساط. عادة أغاني النوستالجيا الثورية بتجيبلي احباط بس شوف يا أخي ربُنا، تكون أول أغنية “مين اللي يقدر ساعة يحبس مصر” و اللي بعديها “اثبت مكانك”. سموها صدفة جميلة، سموها حظ، سموها رسالة مش …

The bipolar-ism of Mohamed Mahmoud.


Mohamed Mahmoud.
A name that will always be imprinted in my head as a living proof of why we needed a revolution and why it must prevail. It will always be imprinted in my head as the worst week of my life. It will always be the days I believed the most and lost faith the most.
This year’s anniversary is a complete fuckery. The Muslim …


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بقالي كتير مليش علاقة أوي باللي بيحصل في البلد. في حاجات بتخلي الواحد ميضلش عن الطريق و “يعدل بوصلته” زي ما بيقولوا.
واحد من الناس ديه مصطفى إبراهيم. أنا لستُ في حِل إني أشكر فيه و أقعد أتكلم في قد ايه هو عظيم و نبغة في سنه لأن ناس أكفء مني قالت الكلام ده و أنا مقتنع بيه. كلام مصطفى إبراهيم بالنسبالي هو مزيج من الأمل …

30 things to do during the curfew


For the people who don’t want to risk it and come enjoy our #FuckCurfewNights, I thought I should list down some activities for you to do while sitting bored as fuck at home instead of watching useless news.

Food, try to stay away from it. If not,

Have some nice, cold, and juicy watermelons.
Leave a plate of cut up cucumbers, celery sticks, carrot sticks, cut up green and yellow peppers and a bowl of yoghurt, …