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Art and Programming Combine

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Lebanese American artist tries to create a programming language using arabic letters. for more details check out

ريفيو فيلم لاموأخذة

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الفيلم ده جامد لاموأخذة. من الاخر كده عمرو سلامة  وصل لمرحلة من التحكم في فنه ادت للعمل العبقري اللي اسمه لامواخذة.
الفيلم بكل بساطة هي قصة بلوغ السن أو coming of age  لطفل ظروف الدنيا خلته يواجه  جميع المشاكل الممكنة في الحياة. هاني عبدالله بيتر طفل مسيحي من أسرة ميسورة الحال, عايش جوه الفقاعة اللي معظم مصريين الطبقة فوق المتوسطة وما أعلاها عايشين فيها. بيروح مدارس …

“The Square” Review

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Pre-Screening at ThePlanet
So, the planet held a screening of the –by now- famous recently released documentary “The Square”. A film heralded by people as one of the greatest achievements of the revolution because a) it has been nominated for an Oscar b) up until this point it hasn’t been granted screening permissions in Egypt, it’s home country (so it must be speaking against the army …

I got arrested for taking pictures of a boat!


Take a moment to let the absurdity of that statement sink in.
Now, let’s put some things into context. I was on my way back from Port Said, first time being there, and I saw the massive cargo ships passing by on the Suez Canal. Now, to me, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, I haven’t seen anything like this before. So I decided …

You Don’t Get To Be Bored


Image from Bored to death, A highbrow low key comedy that’s just brilliant.
So we have a “curfew” in place. People left and right are claiming themselves to be bored from staying in during weekdays after 7 pm.
Well boo-fucking-hoo.
I’m sorry, well not really, but you have no excuse to be bored. You have the world at your fingertips, there’s so much art, music, literature, TV, …