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How to merge multiple internet connections with load balancing and bandwidth limit

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In this post we will use MikroTik RouterBoard RB450G to combine 3 equal internet connections into one connection, it will cover the following points:

Merge 3 equal internet connections
Load balance the requests to the 3 connections
Use hotspot to authenticate the connection to the network
Limit connection speed with hotspot

The following the is the script used for the process, the inlined comments describe what every part does:


أنا حيوان متحرش – عن حوادث التحرش في التحرير +١٨


الصورة لضرب وسحل وتعرية فتاة مصرية على يد ذئاب الجيش المصري، في أحداث مجلس الوزراء في ١٧ ديسمبر ٢٠١١
تحديث : يا ريت تقروا شهادتي هنا

البداية أكيد قديمة، يمكن من أول ما بقي فيه رجالة كفاية علي الأرض إنها تخلق مجتمع ذكوري مبيشوفش الست غير إنها متاع ليه. أما البداية في تاريخ ثورتنا (٢٥ يناير فاكرينها؟) فكانت في الميدان يوم تنحي مبارك وتحديداً يوم …

I Just Found the Perfect Workspace


Exploring social media can be useful sometimes. Today I came across a picture of what I can call the perfect workspace. This office setup has got all what I need in one place:

Colors: Nothing can beat black. I’ve always find it more relaxing to work in the dark so adding black to the scene with those low lights is the perfect combination that would ever work …

The Myth of Time Management


Ok, let’s face it, I’ve never been able to manage my time and believe me when I say I’ve tried almost every possible way to help increase my productivity, but I just couldn’t.
Today I came across an article explaining how trying to manage your time would end up just wasting more time instead of getting real work done. I kind of agree with the writer …