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30 things to do during the curfew



For the people who don’t want to risk it and come enjoy our #FuckCurfewNights, I thought I should list down some activities for you to do while sitting bored as fuck at home instead of watching useless news.

  1. Food, try to stay away from it. If not,
    • Have some nice, cold, and juicy watermelons.
    • Leave a plate of cut up cucumberscelery sticks, carrot sticks, cut up green and yellow peppers and a bowl of yoghurt, salt and garlic dip on the coffee table so you can reach out for the healthy snack as you watch television.
    • Have a handful of raw walnuts and a handful of raw almonds to curb your appetite and keep your brain in good shape, this isn’t exactly low calorie so be very careful with the quantity and don’t keep the whole box of nuts in front of you to limit your servings.
    • If you’re craving sweets, keep a bowl of cherries and grapes around to satisfy your sweet tooth.
    • Or you can innovate in cooking but feed it to your family instead of eating it on your own.
  2. Games, online, video, cards and board games.
  3. Family. This is a free ticket to enjoy the company of your family. Talk to your siblings. Know stuff about them. Get closer to your parents. It’s never too late.
  4. Music. That’s an endless field. Try new genres. Listen to 90’s songs and remember your childhood memories.
  5. Connect with your old friends.
  6. Call people for no reason other than to ask about them.
  7. Social media won’t really help you to stay away from politics but if that’s what you enjoy, sure.
  8. Series. There are a lot of great series out there for you to watch. Breaking Bad (5 seasons still ongoing), Suits (3 seasons still ongoing), The Big Bang Theory (6 seasons), HIMYM (8 seasons), Sherlock (2 Seasons, 6 Episodes), Game of Thrones (3 seasons). Of course you can watch the 10 seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. as they never get old.
  9. Writing. Whoever likes to write and has been demotivated recently (like me), go back to writing even if it was nonsense. It’s good to get your thoughts out of your head.
  10. Sort your closet out and maybe give away some of your old clothes to charity.
  11. Reorganize the furniture around your place. It’s always nice to feel that something’s new around your apartment.
  12. Change the wall colors and this time paint the walls yourself. Maybe draw a little.
  13. Learn a musical instrument. Youtube is full of online tutorials on how to learn new instruments.
  14. Read. Read old books. Buy new books. Try to read something you don’t usually read. So for example if you usually read novels try reading a history book.
  15. Learn a new language. Also Youtube is your best friend.
  16. Work out. If you don’t go to a gym, try working out at home. There are great programs for you to follow online. And an extra motivator is to synchronize the workouts with your friends so you would motivate each other.
  17. Invest some time in self reflection and thinking. We hardly think about the courses of our lives and why they’re going in that way anymore due to our busy lives and the lack of free time. Here’s your chance, evaluate your current position and were you want to be and see what changes you want to introduce to your life.
  18. Sit in your balconies and enjoy the stars with a good cup of coffee/tea and listen to classical music (Umm Kalthoum and such).
  19. Get a pet.
  20. Get a new hair cut. If you’re a guy, shave. Maybe grow a mustache.
  21. Connect with your neighbors. I’ve always wanted to have a relationship with our neighbors rather than the awkward hellos when we meet on the stairs.
  22. Stay at your relatives for a couple of nights.
  23. Wash your car.
  24. Read random information on Wikipedia.
  25. Ask your parents or grandparents to tell you their childhood stories, that will keep you busy for days.
  26. Read poetry.
  27. Winter is almost here, maybe you can take up knitting and make some scarfs.
  28. Learn coding, photoshop or video editing.
  29. Organize and categorize the data on your computer.
  30. Grow some plants.

Of course this is just a short list of the things that you can do, you just need to get creative. Of course there are more entertaining things to do but they are based on you being on the streets so I’ll stop at that point.

Stay sane people.


**The 4 food tips in the first points are the courtesy of 19TwentyThree magazine.

19 comments on “30 things to do during the curfew

  1. Rawda

    Nice one! Really enjoyed it, thanks.

  2. Tarek Nasr

    Tarek Nasr

    Nice List! Quite comprehensive, I see you have somehow missed shisha…

    • Shalaby

      The whole idea is to entertain yourself without actually leaving the house (given Sisi’s curfew). Would you go as far as suggest that people should be smoking shisha at home? Con-tro-ver-sial! #suicide

      • Nousa

        many ppl including myself now have the luxury of doing it in their balconies or gardens..I used to set the house on fire every now and the for that. But now let’s prefer the yoghurt garlic dip and be healthy. I’m becoming vegetarian because of all the killings

  3. Mai

    I loved it… We are in desperate need of a break from politics.

  4. Ola

    very nice ideas. Thanks

    • Ma7ama 3ab7amei

      Ma7ama 3ab7amei

      I only copied the food tips and I added one of my own.

      • Abdallah

        You should have mentioned 🙂

  5. Shalaby

    Love the post yabnel balad! Very creative. It’s incredible that, with some innovative ideas (like yours), and given our beautiful information super highway – the interwebs, the sky’s the limit.

    Imagine what it would’ve been like to have to live through a SCAF curfew in the 50s when you didn’t even have TV.

    • Ma7ama 3ab7amei

      Ma7ama 3ab7amei

      بعض ما عندكم يابن البلد 🙂

  6. Mohamed Ashraf

    ممكن برده نقرأ
    1- قرءان”عمر م كان وقته رمضان بس”
    2- سيرة نبوية “حلوة جداً”
    3- نقرأ فى التاريخ عن الحروب الكبيرة فى تاريخ الاسلام زى عين جالوت ,حرب اكتوبر ,معركة حطين
    4-او حتى فى الثقافة السياسية لعامة , ايه هو حلف الناتو ؟ يعنى ايه حق الفيتو ؟ ايه هى الحرب الباردة ؟ ايه اسباب قيلم الحروب العالمية الاولى و الثانية و اسباب انتهاءهم و مين اطراف هذه الحرب من كل جبهة و هكذا
    و شكراً

    • Nousa

      u sure u read Quran in Ramadan? Last time I did it was spelled differently :-3

  7. dina

    Like it ..but it is not enough …we need get out 😀

  8. Ghada Nassar

    Nice list! I am going to try it myself… Thanks a miliooooon 🙂

  9. Shefaa

    I start already with #20 cut my hair

  10. Ken

    You’ve missed a pretty good one: SEX! or the casual porn/masturbation, or porn just for the sake of porn.
    I expect population counts to increase in May 2014 by half (if you’re not counting twins and miscarriages).

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